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Reading the title of this book «Sketchook of my life» by Ivo Sirakov you might think that it is about my life expressed through my drawings. However, my desire is to transmit part of my experience as a painter in order to solve certain problems that arise when confronted with painting. I do not pretend to contain all the knowledge here, as this is impossible. I have only elaborated a small compendium of recipes, not so well known, which I have «borrowed» from my teachers: the great geniuses of painting. SKETCHBOOK of my LIFE is a little diary of my professional life impregnated with my interest in the technical side of the craft. I also present some of my drawings, which are the skeleton of all my artistic production, because for me sketchbooks have always been the most intimate and primordial part of a creative process. In them there are no limitations, pretensions or dissimulations. In a way they are «l’Anima pura» of the artist. To all those who have asked me for advice I have recommended the following: draw, draw and then draw again, because this is the best way to squeeze your inspiration. I conclude by saying that this book is the introduction to a series of textbooks that will have more extensive information and will contain the main artistic techniques and their historical development.